“When we discussed partnership in the very first conversation together, it already felt like we had been lifelong friends.”
—David, Founder/CEO, Fully

We first met Fully Founder David Kahl in May 2017. Fully was looking for a kids desk to help bring the vision of Fully Kids to life. They had Jarvis, but Fully wanted something more intentionally designed for kids, while still in-line with their perspective, aesthetic and values. As they explored designing their own, the Jaswig My First Standup Kids Desk caught their eye.

At the time, we were looking for an adjustable-height sit-stand desk to add to our Jaswig Standing Desk and My First Stand-up. Fully’s Jarvis was—and still is—the best-in-class.

It started as a partnership; we distributed Jarvis here in Europe, and Fully distributed Jaswig in the US. It became clear fairly quickly, however, that there was so much more to gain with a tighter connection and deeper partnership with the Fully team.

David Kahl CEO of Fully

In many ways, Jaswig started to become part of Fully almost a year ago. That’s when our co-founder, Mathias, started working for Fully’s design department. He’s been a member of the Fully family ever since, collaborating with every department, sharing stories at weekly Fully lunches, connecting more deeply at Fully’s All-hands Retreat.

David also began making more visits to Belgium to explore the universe of possibilities, and to see if the Jaswig team was willing to be Fully’s partner in Europe.

Over a five-day visit in May, David and the Jaswig team shared ideas, their passion for helping people reach their full potential, and their aligned visions for the future. Somehow, someway; Jaswig becoming Fully was meant to happen.

Jaswig's first design the Nomad

The shared love and admiration of these two companies should come as no surprise

Jaswig was born out of a group of friends wanting to do something more, something better. Jaswig is all about simplicity, community and responsibility, and about solving problems. Our popular Nomad Standing Desk came about through a need — a simple, thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use standing desk. As grad school students, we couldn’t find anything that met all our needs at the time, so we built one that checked every box on our wish list. It’s a product we believed in, and still do!

With Fully, David set out to do the same seven years before us.

The idea behind Fully is simple: movement is good. When you move, when you are fully in your body, more of you shows up to work, to relationships, to life. This is at the core of every desk, chair and accessory designed and sold by Fully.

They’re B Corp certified, which means they’re committed to achieving their goals in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, making them a natural fit for Jaswig. B Corp is a new designation in Europe, and one that will help consumers here understand that a company shares their values and is going to make decisions based on the greater good, always, even when it’s the harder thing to do. Every two years, Fully goes through the rigorous and all encompassing B Corp certification process, showing positive, people- and planet-first growth from the company culture to the supply chain. Believing business can and should do good makes being part of the B Corp community such an honor.

Fully branded coffee cup
Part of Fully Global playing Kickball together

Fully + Jaswig = Fully Europe

While there was certainly some luck at play with David and Jaswig coming together so perfectly, it was due to our similar goals and strategy that we knew we were onto something great.

Partnering with Fully, and adding their Jarvis Standing Desk and the Capisco Ergonomic Chair to our product mix over the past year, has helped us promote our core values around function before form, simple but not simplistic in terms of design, with community and social responsibility at the core.

After feeling we had sufficiently tested the waters, the partnership felt right. As the goals and visions of both companies moved closer together, the relationship between us grew stronger. Making Jaswig officially part of the Fully family made sense, and the decision was unanimous.

We started the negotiations to incorporate Jaswig into Fully, creating a new entity called Fully Europe. Changing our name from Jaswig to Fully was a carefully considered decision. Each member of the Jaswig team went to Fully’s head office in Portland, Oregon, to meet Fully’s 100+person team to get a feel for the culture and build a relationship of trust and understanding. This was vital to our transition.

What does this mean for you?

“With as much love as before we’ll continue to help our customers but now supported by a wider array of products and an amazing global team.”
—Nick, General Manager, Fully Europe

By joining forces with a company that makes people move with well-made, carefully considered products, it means more of the same great movement-inspiring furniture that our customers have come to know and love — from California to Copenhagen, Washington to Warsaw, Oregon to Ghent.

This acquisition will bring better products to Europe, and at a value that you have to touch and feel to truly understand. But what’s most important, is it will bring a new way of working to more people more easily.

We’re also very proud to be a B among a growing B Corp movement where consumers should expect more from companies, and businesses should do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Now that we are officially part of Fully, we are now the seventh B Corp in Belgium, but who's counting? The certification provides a framework to uphold the core values at all times.

Fully team meeting

We’re working hard to bring as much of the Fully product portfolio to Europe as quickly as possible. If you see something you want on Fully.com that you don’t see on Fully.eu, just give us a call. If you just want a virtual hug through the phone, just give us a call. Fully always has your back.

We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey at www.fully.eu and @fully_europe on Instagram.

Yours truly,
team Fully Europe

Jaswig is now Fully team picture

John, Henri, Nick and Sam —Fully Europe, established August 2018