Standing desks for your active workspace

Active chairs to keep you moving

Accessories to support your every movement

Jaswig is now Fully.

With vision, values, and hearts aligned, we’re excited to be a part of the Fully family, bringing you even more movement-inspiring furniture, and working together to bring mind, body, community, and planet in balance.

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"The best standing desk"

"Editor's Choice/Best Adjustable Standing Desk"

"Complete package of reasonable price, beautiful design, and stability"

"I give both the desk and the service an A+! I have only been using the desk a short time, but I feel a significant reduction in my pain level at the end of the workweek."—Rebbecca S.
"Great desk with quick shipping and easy to assemble. Also quick response from the customer service team. Highly recommended!!"—Tyler K.
"I have the Fully 78" standing desk. I absolutely love it. Sturdy, quiet, and keeps me moving during the work day. Highly recommended."—David B.
"As always, Fully has gone above and beyond. They definately focus on customer service and they've gained my loyalty."—Jason D.
"I purchased the mini mat. I love the foam surface and different surfaces for support and positioning of my feet."—Susan M.
"Had an issue with a damaged desk corner when I got it, they shipped a new one in no time. Great support. Thanks again."—Stefan G.