How to position your standing desk

Changing a habit is enormously difficult, habit changing transitions take a lot of time. That is why the position and location of your standing desk is of utmost importance. You should make sure that you are really well positioned at your desk with all the working necessities around you. Next to that you'll need to look for an attractive spot for the desk, that way your stimulated to stand more.

How to position yourself at the standing desk

The following picture sums up everything one should take care of when positioning himself at a standing desk. One of the most important things though is not on there and that is change positions often

Ergonomics of a standing desk how you should use it

When, where and how to use your standing desk

As said earlier it is very important to make sure that your desk is placed in an attractive way. You really have to place it in such a way that you really want to go and work on it.

  • you should have abundant natural light available
  • put it on a spot that is warm or cool enough to work for several hours
  • choose a spot that is calm enough to work or buy a noise cancelling headset :)
  • have sufficient plants around because plants increase your wellbeing

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How to position your standing desk