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Wooden beautiful standing desk for children

My First StandUp

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The desk that grows up with your kids.

Inspired by European schools of the past, but with modern materials and human-centred functionality. Jaswig's My First StandUp is what school desks should have been all along. Oh, if only…

Jaswig designed their My First StandUp to bring movement where it’s needed most, in the formative years when our kids are best able to acquire lifelong healthy habits. To reach as many children as possible, Jaswig kept the design simple and the cost low, and made a durable and adjustable desk that would grow with children from kindergarten all the way through the middle school years. And to appease the most impressive of fidgeters, the desk can be easily and safely (no pinched fingers) adjusted up and down and up again—just lift and lock the desktop into place for a safe and stable work surface.

Part of keeping your children’s best interests at heart is protecting the planet that they will inherit, and Jaswig has taken every care, from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch wood of their desks to the low-VOC, low-formaldehyde varnish.

Ready to graduate to the adult-size Nomad or Jarvis Standing Desk? Just call our customer service team to donate your kid’s desk and receive a € 50 discount on your purchase.

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