Aeris muvmat

Muvmat Anti Fatigue Mat

The Muvmat by Aeris is our high end anti fatigue mat that mimics the forest's floor with hidden contours that simulate rocks and roots and queues you to move while standing.Additional Info

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Anti-fatigue mat meets foot massager.

When walking through the forest, there’s a new surprise that comes with every step—a sensation that starts in your feet and works its way up through your body, bringing with it a feeling of wholeness, presence, and connection.

Though you might not guess it from its understated design, the Muvmat was specifically engineered to mimic that experience, with hidden contours that simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you would encounter when walking on a forest floor.

Great with shoes and even better without, Muvmat’s anti-fatigue surface reduces the strain and ache of standing for long periods by stimulating the feet and encouraging the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced, and energised.

With its special water-resistant coating, Muvmat is easy to clean and care for.

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