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Jarvis™ Frame (2019 Model)

Jarvis™ Frame (2019 Model)

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DIY adjustable height [just-about-anything].

With a Jarvis frame, you can add “adjustable” and “height” to almost any surface: butcher block table, synthesizer stand, podcast host podium—the possibilities go on.

Custom-made components.

It makes a big difference when your goal is a desk that has it all—attractive, stable, durable, easy to assemble. It also makes a big difference when you’re a company that is forever looking to improve your products.

Industry-leading 158 kg lifting capacity and 65 cm of height adjustability.

Our extended range frame has an impressive top height of 1.3 m. We also offer a more cost-effective mid-range option that doesn’t go as low or high but works for 85% of adult heights. With the LED programmable push-button handset to either desk, you'll have easy and fast height adjustment.

Small details = huge difference.

Heavier steel feet versus aluminum, plus a lifting column that’s wider at the bottom, give you a more grounded, less wobbly desk. Rubber grommets reduce noise and vibration, and hidden exterior hardware creates a cleaner look.

Simple set-up.

We’re known among customers for our easy-to-follow instructions, and we’re also known for talking customers all the way through an assembly. If you hit a snag, just give us a call.

If do-it-yourself isn’t for you, we have two other desktop options, from our beautiful bamboo tops to our laminate tops

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