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Height adjustable desk with crank and plants fully europe

Jarvis Crank

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Unplugged but just as electrifying.

Since developing our award-winning Jarvis Standing Desk, we’ve made all kinds of adjustments and introduced a range of shapes and options, from Jarvis Reclaimed to Jarvis Evolve to our treadmill and adjustable L-shaped desks. We are now pleased to introduce Jarvis Crank-Powered: same award-winning craftsmanship as our electric Jarvis standing desks, same support for every sitting-standing-shifting-stretching position, minus the plug so you can put it any place you like.

With its sturdy hand crank, Jarvis Crank-Powered can be easily adjusted from 68 cm to 117 cm or 27 to 46 inches—an inch with every three rotations. Similar to Jarvis Electric, its lifting column is wider at the bottom for added stability and its  68 kg or 150 lbs lifting capacity is more than enough for most needs. For more lifting capacity (158 kg or 350 lbs.), a narrower or wider desktop, or additional height adjustability, take a look at our Jarvis Electric desks.

As for what’s on top, Crank-Powered Jarvis can be configured with any of our eco-friendly Jarvis desktops.


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