Bamboo adjustable keyboard tray

Jarvis adjustable keyboard tray

The Jarvis Adjustable Bamboo keyboard tray will provide you with all day typing comfort. If you don't need it you can just slide it backwards.Additional Info


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A keyboard tray that delivers health and comfort.

The Jarvis Adjustable Keyboard Tray puts your body into the ideal ergonomic position for long periods of typing, preventing the strain and even chronic pain—carpal tunnel and other joint issues—that can come from unhealthy keyboard posture. To find your healthiest position, simply adjust the height of your Jarvis standing desk until your arms are at a comfortable, relaxed 90° angle and your monitor is at eye level.

With our retractable keyboard tray you also get both positive and negative tilting, 360° swivel, wrist support, and an easy-glide mechanism for smooth adjustment. And, the other bonus that comes with an under desk tray: a keyboard’s worth of free space on your desktop.

The Jarvis Adjustable Keyboard Tray is available in natural bamboo to coordinate with your Bamboo Jarvis desk.

Compatibility note: Our Adjustable Keyboard Tray is compatible with Jarvis desks 160cm and wider in rectangle only. For non-Jarvis desks, you need 47cm from front-to-back to ensure compatibility. Look to our Specifications tab for accessory compatibility.

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