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Fully Balans Kneeling Chair without Back

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A 2019 breakthrough on a 1979 breakthrough.

To create our ideal kneeling chair, we went straight to the source, collaborating with Hans Christian Mengshoel, famed designer of the original “Balans” kneeling chair. The Fully Balans holds true to the inspiration and science behind Mengshoel’s innovation in ergonomics, while adding adjustability, just enough flexibility to allow you to move and stretch, and mono directional wheels for easy gliding. Crafted from natural beech wood and cushioned with a high quality fabric-covered foam, it’s a chair that’s just as easy on the eyes as it is on the body.

Your body in balance.

The Fully Balans drops your legs to a 120 degree angle, opening the hips and taking pressure off your tailbone, back, and neck. It’s a chair specifically designed to encourage your body to find its natural balance and centre of gravity, stretching and supporting the muscles along your spine, and subtly strengthening your core and back muscles in the process. Adjustable leg supports give a personalised fit, and Balans’ dynamic saddle seat creates ideal weight distribution between the seat and leg support.

Though the Fully Balans was primarily designed for kneeling, your body is going to want to move, stretch, and change position. In addition to your own adjustments, we recommend occasionally switching to a squatting position by perching your feet on top of the knee rest.

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