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What is the best home office setup

Everybody works from home from time to time. It can for personal purposes or for professional purposes but the bottom line remains the same: people work from home! We need to make sure these setups are organized in the best possible way to make sure you can do your work in a good environment so that you can work efficiently and effectively.

Some tips to set up your home office

We wanted to share the following list with important tips to organise your home office in the best possible way!

  • Get a laptop stand for neck and back ergonomics
  • find yourself a place with sufficient natural and artificial lighting
  • Check out the best tips on how to sit at a computer
  • Move around as much as possible to reduce strain on muscles and joints sitting in the same position for to long at a time is bad for you check out the image below to see the pressure on the discs in-between your spine in relation to your posture
  • Work on a table that is as clean and organized as possible
  • Get yourself a noise cancelling headphone so you are in control of noise and sounds
  • Surround yourself with plants, why this really works can be found here

Enjoy your nice looking and efficient place to work at home!

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