Jaswig TestCube

Test the Jaswig Experience

Designing furniture is one thing. But implenting it correctly is another. We want our StandUp to have an impact on the people and their environment. If the desks don't have the desired impact it is of no use to implement them.

Our TestCubes are designed to make you feel what the Jaswig Experience is all about. People can feel how they interact with the table and how they like to use it.

Workign hard at the StandUp standing desk
Testcube standing desks. Test a standing desk

What do you get

A TestCube consists out of the following elements:

  • two standing desks (Workers or/and Nomads)
  • a plant so that it feels cosy and draws people in
  • a rug of 3m by 2m
  • a boards that gives you tips on how and when to use the desks

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Joris Trog

The Jaswig TestCube created a flexible and beautiful place to strech our legs and work upright from time to time. People did all sorts of things at the desks. They were truly multifunctional!


Tanja De Greve

We conducted a survey from our staff during the test. It was so interesting to see how people had perceived this test. They really liked the product. They valued its flexibility and loved to use it from time to time.


Alain Linard

Jaswig allows us to create a flexible and more productive working environment, at a reduced cost! Their standing desks simply matched our employee philosophy!


If you have any question or inquiries, please call us +32 (478) 28.78.20 or drop us a quick line at Henri@jaswig.eu!

The TestCubes are available for companies with more than 50 employees. If your company would be smaller than this :), please contact us and we'll work something out!