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Wooden Standing desk; Cheap standing desk, Beautiful home office and office standing desk

StandUp Nomad 2.0


Beautifully and simply designed to make you move. Stand in style!

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Height ranges: 93 – 122 cm
Desktop size: 55 x 83 cm

Beautiful electric standing desk. Best standing desk. Sharply priced standing desk. Easy to install and really durable standing desk.



Probably the best electric standing desk in the world. Spacious, sustainable and versatile.

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Height ranges: 59 – 124 cm
Desktop size: Multiple sizes

Standing desk converter; Best standing desk converter; easy adjustable in height spacious and beautiful standing desk converter



Transforms what you already have and love into a standing revelation.

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Height ranges: 15,9 – 56 cm
Desktop size: 50 x 90 cm

Best electric standing desk frame. Stable versatile and beautiful standing desk frame.

Jarvis Frame


Versatile, stable and beautiful electric standing desk frame.

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Height ranges: 59 – 124 cm

Children standing desk; children standup desk

My First StandUp


This cute desk is your kids’ buddy for play or homework. After outgrowing you get a € 100 discount for a StandUp Nomad.

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Height ranges: 69 - 89 cm
Desktop size: 45 x 58 cm