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Shipping FAQ Fully Europe


Free shipping?

We offer free shipping on all our products to the countries of the European Union including Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

I'm sorry to announce though that we don't ship for free to the far away European islands such as Réunion and other beautiful places. The Channel Islands, Tenerife and others that are closer to Europe are part of our offer.

Which courier do we use?

We use TNT as our main courier. In some countries though TNT does use subcontractors but that should not influence their services.

Can we choose the hour of delivery?

At the moment we do NOT offer specific hours of delivery. We are constantly working on improving our services so hopefully one day we will be able to offer that service.

Can we choose the day/date of delivery?

Yes, you can perfectly order products that do not have to be shipped right away. If you reach out to us via telephone, mail or chat and let us know that your order needs to be shipped on a specific day because you are on vacation or business trip (or something else).

Please note, that we cannot garuantee the transit times that are explained below. These are 85% accurate but sometimes something goes wrong and an extra day has to be added.

Do the couriers install the goods?

Couriers just deliver the goods to your postal address. They will not install the products. We can't offer an installation service but we'll gladly talk you through the process.

Do the couriers bring the goods up to appartments/other floors?

Couriers just deliver the goods to your postal address. They don't bring up goods to different floors.

Estimated time of arrival

Let's give you a little more insight in how we work when an order comes in. Say you pushed through your order on a Monday, then we'll pass through your order on Tuesday to our warehouse. They will prepare everything and our courier TNT will pick it up. They will then handle it from there. From the day after that the transit days that are explained into more detail below starts the count. So imagine we have to ship to France with a two day transit, it will arrive on Thursday. Tuesday for processing and pick up and Wednesday and Thursday for transit.

If you order before 9AM Central European Time, we can process your order the same day. So ordering before 9AM means you win a day.

Note that these transit times are not always accurate. We are constantly doing our best to improve our accuracy and efficiency, but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at help@fully.com

  • Belgium (24h transit)
  • Netherlands (2 day transit)
  • Germany (2 day transit)
  • Luxembourg (2 day transit)
  • France (2 days transit)
  • UK (2 day transit)
  • Ireland (3 day transit)
  • Denmark (2 day transit)
  • Austria (2 day transit)
  • Spain (2 day transit)
  • Italy (2 day transit)
  • Albania (7 day transit)
  • Andorra (5 day transit)
  • Bosnia And Herzegovina (6 day transit)
  • Bulgaria (4 day transit)
  • Croatia (3 day transit)
  • Cyprus (5 day transit)
  • Czech Republic (2 day transit)
  • Estonia (3 day transit)
  • Finland (2 day transit)
  • Gibraltar (6 day transit)
  • Greece (4 day transit)
  • Guernsey (5 day transit)
  • Holy See (Vatican City State 3 day transit)
  • Hungary (2 day transit)
  • Iceland (2 day transit)
  • Isle Of Man (5 day transit)
  • Jersey (5 day transit)
  • Latvia (3 day transit)
  • Liechtenstein (2 day transit)
  • Lithuania (3 day transit)
  • Malta (4 day transit)
  • Monaco (2 day transit)
  • Norway (2 day transit)
  • Poland (2 day transit)
  • Portugal (3 day transit)
  • Romania (3 day transit)
  • San Marino (3 day transit)
  • Serbia (5 day transit)
  • Slovakia (2 day transit)
  • Slovenia (3 day transit)
  • Sweden (2 day transit)
  • Switzerland (2 day transit)

What do we do if packages are damaged?

If you see any damages to the delivered packages that might be caused by the courier, please let her/him know! They will help you to fill out a form or add a note to the delivery that the packages are damaged which is handy for the file and makes life much easier for us and TNT.

When do we receive the tracking number?

As we explained above, the goods are picked up at our warehouse by the courier the same day we processed your order (note that this can be the day after you have pushed through your order as we lump orders together and pass them through every 24 hours to the warehouse). The courier comes towards the end of the day to give our warehouse the time to pick all the orders and set them up for pick up. From the moment the courier has picked up the goods and have accepted them into their warehouse they will send you a tracking number.

If you haven't received a mail with a tracking number, first look in your junk mail folder as the mail is send from TNT's domains and thus might end up there. If you don't find anything in your junk mailbox please contact us via phone, email or chat!