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How to set up a home office in a small space

People are becoming more and more flexible due to the advancements in technology. People don’t have to work from one predefined place anymore. Flexibility is key for the company and for the employee so setting up a good home is great importance!

Why home offices matter

More and more people live in cities and living in a city means an expensive place to live. This is why it is important to know how to set up your home office in a small space. People mostly have enough sitting opportunities at home which they use as their desks when working from home. One should make sure that he has a good chair to sit on because before you know it you find yourself working at home in a bad position on a bad chair! So choose a good chair and take the time to read through the following page to give yourself an update on how to sit properly. It will save you a lot of time and money spend on doctors and therapists!

But one should bear in mind that sitting for too long at a time is bad for one back. It is important to take away the strain from your joints and muscles once a while. Sitting exerts large pressure on the discs in our spine. When this pressure is applied for too long the discs become weak and kindle. The amount of pressure on the disc is in function of how people sit. What we see on this picture is that standing exerts not that many pressure on the discs in-between your spine as sitting. This is why standing up and moving around is very important.

Accessories to make you work better and more ergonomically

It is so tempting to just sit down and start working on your kitchens table but it really pays off to design your home office a little more than this. Try to put yourself in a location with good natural and artificial lighting. Put as much plants around you as possible as plants make people more efficient and happy. Also try to work on a surface that is organized well. It is not very promotional for your mind to work in a chaotic environment we really advise to get your desk organized and work with a desk that is as clean as possible.

To wrap up

  • use your existing kitchen/living table but buy a good chair to sit at
  • inform yourself on the good sitting position and ergonomic working
  • silence in key while working so invest in a noise canceling headphone
  • Sit, stand, move around, get some fresh air, REPEAT
  • Surround yourself with plants and green natural forms
  • pay attention to good natural and artificial lighting

Standing desk for small home offices