We’re all sitting too much. The average European sits around 10 hours a day, and that’s why a standing desk will be your easiest investment this year. Not sure how many hours you are sitting? Take this short test.

3 Your health

You wouldn’t be here if you haven’t read about the benefits of standing more. When we’re sitting too much we increase the risk on several unpleasant diseases.

These diseases are related to three problems. Sitting for longer than 30 minutes increases your chances on obesity, or simply put weight gain. Our body is not made to sit still. While standing and inadvertently moving your metabolism will burn twice as much calories compared to sitting. Generally speaking, the more your blood sugar levels increase after meals, the worse it is for your health. This problem is closely related to diabetes type II or insulin resistance. One study showed that standing reduced blood sugar spikes by 12%. Back and neck pain, one of the most common physical complaints in the office is partially due to our excessive sitting habit. Several studies have reported a 30-35% improvement by simply standing for more than two hours everyday.

Benefits of a JASWIG StandUp Desk

2 Your mental condition

Studies that have proven the health benefits of standing during your work are plentiful. More recent endeavours have also shown there is an actual mental benefit to standing. Immediately after standing people feel more energized and engaged in their work.

From your co-workers perspective you seem to be more open to interaction and collaboration which in turns leads to more spontaneous innovations. In some cases this last benefit can also be seen as a distraction, that why clear communication is important.

This point is not valid for everyone, but the first one is. Depending on who you are and what you like, you should definitely give standing a try.

1 You’ll probably spend it anyway.

So make your body and mind happy with this purchase ;-)

These three points summarize why this will be your surest investment yet. Buying standing desks these days is even easier, simply buy online and get them delivered straight to your door!

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