A little standing goes a long way. It increases your body’s muscle strength and flexibility. So don’t feel bad if you have a problem sitting for a long time.There is a great solution that can help you out- ‘Standing desks’! There are a lot of options available in the market and some might fit your need better than the others. So without waiting any further, let’s check out the options available.

5 DIY Standing Desk

Though this option isn’t for everyone; if you have the time and skill required to build this desk, this could be your perfect solution. There is a lot of information available on the internet but we found a great article about the different DIY options by Lifehacker. You can check out the article here.

Even if there are numerous options available, our preferred option is buying an electric frame and mounting it on your own customized top. This option enables you to work with different materials of different shapes and sizes while still having a stable and adjustable desk.

4 Electric Standing Desk

Electric standing desks are a great choice, but they take up space. Additionally, they are a little costly and might set you back by a few 100 euros. Other than that, an Electric standing desk is the easiest option, from sitting to standing, with just one simple push of a button. If you have an existing desk, you must replace it with this one. Not only will it exactly do the same task of offering space and stability but it will only do it a lot better than your older desk. Despite the fact that the necessary electric cable will make it less mobile, it won’t bother you since you can’t lift that baby alone ;-)

To sum it up, we have listed the pros and cons of using an Electric standing desk:

+ big desk
+ great for office and home use
+ easily adjustable
+ customizable
+ stable

- more expensive
- needs a cable
- replaces old desk

Jarvis desk

3 Manual StandUp Nomad

This birch wooden desk was designed to be mobile, hence the name Nomad! This standing desk is lightweight yet sturdy. It is easily adjustable due to the internal ratchet system. It requires no electricity and is a great option for people who like to move. Since this standing desk requires little space with a subtle design, we’d recommend this option for setting up a home office or in offices to create different kinds of flex spots.

Pros and cons:

+ subtle design
+ wood and natural
+ easily adjustable without electronic
+ ergonomic footrest build in

- smaller working surface
- doesn’t replace existing setup
- not made for low standard chairs

StandUp desk

2 Cooper add-on desk

What if you are already a proud owner of a fixed height desk and you do not want to replace it? Well, it time to meet ‘Cooper’. Cooper is part of the converter desk family and can be mounted on any existing desk. It is a great way to move without investing in a totally new set up.

Now that you know about ‘Cooper’, it is time to know the pros and cons:

+ mount on existing desk
+ affordable sit-stand solution
+ easily adjustable without electronic

- makes your desk more crowded
- smaller surface to work on

Cooper standing desk

1 No standing desk for now

While this option is not recommended, in certain cases it is simply not necessary. Do you want to know if you require a standing desk? Find out by taking this three-minute test: Jaswig’s quiz.