We have big news, we are setting up a partnership with Fully! What does it mean: new standing desks, balance boards, standing mats and more…


Fully is an American B-Corporation based in Portland Oregon with a vision, similar to ours (to say the least): “The idea behind Fully is simple: Movement is good. When you move, when you are fully in your body, you feel more present, engaged, and alive. More of you show up to work, to relationships, to life.”

What does it mean?

Jaswig Europe has broadened its product portfolio with the top products from Fully. Next to this, Fully will further assist Jaswig in its goal to get people standing and moving during work. Their 15 years of experience in the furniture market will play a crucial role. “The Times They Are A-Changin” - Bob Dylan


Until now, Jaswig has developed the StandUp. But, customers asked for more products. They “demanded” a wider portfolio, and that’s why we joined forces with Fully, as their product portfolio consists of an extensive array of high quality designs. Products we are launching that’ll hopefully cover the demand of our customers are: + The best electric standing desk according to WireCutter called Jarvis + A standing desk converter called Cooper + A Tic Toc chair and balance board + Topo standing mat + other exciting accessories Go and take a look on our brand new website!


Fully has been disrupting the online furniture industry with their direct-to-consumer model for 10 years now. In partnering with Fully, we will be working to make our products more accessible for more people. This fits in nicely with our mission to make more people move throughout their working day!


In the past couple of months we have been thinking hard about our supply chain. We had several discussions with David about this as well. These were extremely interesting as Fully really dives deep into its supply chain as a certified B Corp. We, at Jaswig, feel really aligned with everything Fully does in this context and are excited to learn more about it. More about this in the coming weeks/months :). As we’ll keep on sharing important decisions changes.

We’ll keep everyone in the loop via social media and this blog.