Bump up your well-being by standing up. A must read for a healthy living.

Human beings have accepted sitting as a default human position. We work, travel, eat, study, and socialize when we are seated. Clearly, now it’s time to break your bubble. Sitting is not good for your health, period!

Here are your top 5 reasons why you should ditch your chair and buy a standing desk right away:

1. Burn that fat away:

Standing up increases your metabolism. You’ll burn a lot more fat than you usually do. You can eat anything and everything anytime of the day. So don’t stay away from those box of chocolates. In fact, you can make a chocolate box and snack on it while you burn that fat away, by simply standing.

2. Stay active:

Do you usually feel tired and unenthusiastic? That is because you have been slogging all day at work, sitting! You cannot get to the top by sitting on your bottom. So why don’t you try a different routine. Move your body while you work! Get rid of that dreadful chair.

3. Great posture:

Our bodies are designed to move. Sitting for a long time causes chronic back pain. Don’t think your extra hours in the gym would save you. It doesn’t! Nobody deserves to live in pain. Standing is a splendid option to maintain great posture. This simple act boosts your core strength.

4. Boost productivity:

Moving your body keeps you active, energetic and fit! A healthy employee is never absent from work. It doesn’t stop with that. Employees are committed to their work thereby increasing productivity. From ‘Oh, this can’t be done’ to ‘Yes, Let’s do it’, changing your lifestyle does the trick.

5. Superior health:

There have been studies that connect sitting time to early death. Well, that’s not a surprise… Sedentary lifestyle often leads to diabetes, heart attack, and even early death. Standing is a key component of healthy living. Standing helps in improving blood circulation and strengthens cardiovascular system and builds endurance. Your body would be alert and active, ready to face the challenges life throws at you.

It’s time to take a stand #standingrevolution

Changing your sedentary lifestyles can improve your physical as well as mental health. And that’s why standing more is a crucial lifestyle change. Moving your body and changing your postures frequently is important. So sit but make sure you move your body more. Yet, we can’t always stand because it’s simply hard to fall asleep when standing up – we’re no giraffes!

You don’t have to believe us, but believe Murat: TED Science. He made a video about it.