Though I’m a passionate office-goer, I find myself being more productive when I work from home.

Millions of employees all over the world want to have an effective work-life balance. And guess what? Most of them want to work from home. They believe they will be more productive and happy. A lot of them argue that it is the most sensible option for an employee. Less commuting hours and a lot less workspace are few of the reasons why companies go for work from home proposals.

1. Ergonomic furniture at home office:

Yet, a lot of employees do not have the right environment and furniture to achieve their dream work from home opportunity. Consider all the distractions you have at home. Doing the chores, taking care of your children and even the postman that won’t help you focus. Many companies provide laptops to employees so that they can work from anywhere, anytime! So why not ergonomic furniture? Shouldn’t the company be concerned about their employee’s welfare? Though companies are investing millions in furniture for their employee’s they are unable to reach their home office. With ergonomic furniture, companies are improving their business goals such as productivity and product quality. Upgrading your environment and furniture will benefit the company and your work.

2. Improved Employee engagement:

When a company makes an effort to ensure health and happiness, employees notice the endeavor. Not only that, they appreciate it. They feel valued in their organization and work more efficiently. This effort keeps them fit and eliminates unnecessary exhaustion and discomfort thereby decreasing employee attrition rate and increases employee engagement. (Recently we discovered Sparble, an awesome app that helps you measure employee engagement)

3. Health benefits for employees :

With ergonomic furniture at the office, an employee does not strain their body as much as they do at home. Correct posture while you work keeps your body aligned; reduces pain and distress. Furniture such as an adjustable standing desk makes sure the employee do not face the risk of lower back pains. Introducing ergonomic furniture at the home office for employees shows that a company cares about the employee’s health and fitness. Happy employees are productive employees.

4. Better quality of work and increased productivity :

Think of it this way: people like working from home, but the home office isn’t optimized for real productive work. That’s why a small upgrade to your environment can change a lot. Have you thought of introducing plants? They reduce stress, and even clean your air. The home office often suffers from different unpredictable noise sources. That’s why it’s important to invest in acoustic furniture. These are only a few tips, take a look at this great article from Shopify for more.

5. Worth the money invested :

Do you think buying furniture for home office is worth the money? Yes, absolutely! Not only is it great for the business but it is also great for the employees. It decreases the overall cost for a company and increases productivity. Over a period of time, employees are accustomed to the comfort of these furniture; both at home and office. You can be sure an employee would not quit such a great organization.

Ergonomic furniture is the future

According to the report published in 2012 by the bureau of Labor statistics, almost 34% of injuries are associated with ergonomics injuries. That’s a pretty huge number! And the cost involved to cure such injuries is staggering. Ergonomics furniture is the answer to a big part of your problems. So using it only at your workplace is not enough. That’s why it’s important to have it at home as well. That way people at home can still work with no qualms. Nowadays these pieces of furniture are so stylish that they would fit right in with your décor.