Would you believe if we told you that happy employees are more productive at work?

It may sound weird but a recent study has revealed that employee’s happiness is directly related to a company’s growth. Have you ever considered having a fun and cheerful environment at work? So how do we achieve this massive feat? Well, look no further. We at Jaswig, have been focusing on solutions which bring about a change in your workplace. And we have been working towards creating a healthy environment which promotes cheer and joy at work. So here is our top 5 brilliant, tried and tested ideas you must try to make your workplace better:

5. An environment that promotes Tranquility:

Noise is so abundant in our daily lives that we should invest in places where we can take a break from this imposed stressor. If people do not have the opportunity to reside in silence when they choose it can amount to large amounts of stress and unhappiness.
So to make your workplace better, invest in creating environments that promote tranquility. Go ahead and create diverse interiors with open and closed spaces. It gives the employees a chance to select their favorite workstation. You can even include closable cubicles, sound damping materials, noise canceling headphones for the quiet ones. We love the acoustic environments of BuzziSpace.

4. Excellent lighting:

One of the crucial factors, often overlooked by employers is good lighting. According to a study conducted by American Society of Interior Design, almost 68 % of employees complained about poor lighting in their office. That’s a huge number! Artificial lighting tends to strain your eye’s which might result in headaches, drowsiness or loss of focus. So how do we get a good efficient lighting system in your workplace? Well, we simply use a natural source of light as an alternative to artificial lighting. Renovations that emphasis on natural lightings has resulted in happy, healthy employees, and great productivity!

3. Go Green:

Yes, you heard it right! It’s time to go green! There is something about nature and its forms that tend to keep us happy and healthy. Plants are a fairly inexpensive way to spruce up the workplace and it increases productivity. It doesn’t stop with that. It provides an array of health benefits for the employees. It improves the quality of air in your workplace and acts as a great stress buster. Have a look at this article for further…

2. Invest in healthy food and snacks:

Food is an inevitable part of our life. Eating nutritious food reduces the risk of contracting a disease and keeps you in a great mood. You are sure to experience fantastic self-esteem with high energy levels. Good food always reduces anxiety and stress. So always promote healthy eating at work. Make a healthy choice and go for unprocessed foods. Including more fruits and vegetable in the diet is also a very good option. After all, a healthy employee is certainly an excellent asset to the company!

1. Great Furniture:

For a fun and engaging workplace environment, the most important aspect is introducing great pieces of furniture. When you have the freedom to move around and work in different kind of places; it stimulates your brain and body. However not all furniture would be a great fit for your workplace. So what do you do? Go for ergonomic furniture. When new trends and ergonomics meet, it is sure to make people more flexible and less deskbound. They follow a nomadic style of working which enables their body to change position. Our bodies function best when we keep changing positions. It keeps our blood flow active and makes sure that our important fat transforming processes work properly. In spite of everything, you spend more time at work than at home, shouldn’t your time be more enjoyable?

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