What is the size range of the desk and how tall should I be?

The height range of the Jaswig Nomad is 93 – 122 cm. The height can be manually adjusted with 9 increments, each one of approximatly 3.2 cm. No need for pumps or electricity. Although not everyone has the same body dimensions, the desk should be perfect for people between 1.5 and 2 m. This is assuming you are standing at your desk with 90°-bend elbows.

What is the floor space I need to put the desk?

The surface you will need is smaller than the desktop size (83x55cm).

How do I use my standing desk?

The StandUp can be used for individual work: e.g. responding to e-mails, making phone calls while having to write notes (standing up gives more energy in your voice), and heavy thinking (standing can help to be more focused).

The StandUp can mediate collaboration: Have a standing meeting around the StandUp or a more active brainstorming session, like the design team at Balance, Inc.

Active brainstorming at Balance

Placement The StandUp is compact and lightweight, so you can easily move it. If you use it for work, we recommend placing it close to an electric plug so you can easily charge your electronics while used at the desk. Placing it close to a window makes it more pleasant to use it thanks to natural light and fresh air when needed.

Standing time If you just start using a standing desk we recommend increasing your standing time in small steps: e.g. 30 min standing, 30 min sitting. The more you stand, the more your muscles will get used to it, allowing you to stand longer. However, you need to keep changing your postures: Never stand completely straight for long hours at once. Change from standing to sitting, and change your body weight while standing by using the footrest.

Ergonomics Listen to your body, if something hurts you are probably not standing correct. If you mainly use the desk for computer work, we recommend using a laptop stand and external keyboard and mouse. Use something soft to stand on: an anti-fatigue mat in combination with good shoes. Don’t stand still; change posture often. Make sure to rest your arms regularly, they weigh 18% of your body weight and are an important factor leading to neck and back pain.

How to use a jaswig standing desk correctly

The desks are delivered in a flat-packed box; will I be able to assemble the desk myself?

The “jigsaw puzzle” should be able to be solved in 25 min. It comes with a clear manual and if anything is still unclear, the Fully team is here to help. You can assemble the desk alone, and you don’t need any additional tool.

Flatpacked jaswig desk comes as a jigsaw puzzle

Can the desks be disassembled?

Yes, they are designed for disassembly. This allows you to easily take it to your next home or office in case you are moving. This also allows us to replace and refurbish a single piece if necessary. How can I clean my desk? The desk has a durable kitchen-grade cabinetry finishing, allowing you to clean the desk like other furniture (i.e. water and cleaning soap).

What are the material specifications of the desk?

The StandUp is made out of 18 mm Multiplex Birch, B/BB-quality grade and is FSC-certified. It’s finished with a durable finishing that is water-based and qualifies to the EN71 Norm. currently experimenting in Slovenia as well!