Sitting all day makes you lazy.

How many hours did you sit down yesterday? Yes please, do the calculation. You might think you’re an active person, but chances are you are sitting down for more than 10 hours a day and are only active for about 2-4 hours. I admit; I was one of those people. Only 25 years and already suffering from back and neck issues because of my horrible posture. Nope, I can’t accept living a life in pain! And those few hours at the gym didn’t solve it.

Digging around to learn more about this “sitting disease” made me realize I’m just the average. There are so many of us suffering from an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

Talking to Murat Dalkilinç, the guy behind two viral TED-Ed videos, made us join his mission: helping people to move more.

Why sitting is bad for you

The benefits of a good posture

Our sitting habits have become a globe concern. Even Michelle Obama took on a mission too get children moving again with her Let’s Move campaign, hoping to partially help solve the obesity problem.

Famous Crossfit couple Kelly & Juliet Starrett want to provide every public school child with a standing desk with their organisation Standup Kids.

Ok, you've come to terms that you're sitting too much, but what can a standing desk do for you?

According to a BBC experiment: “Standing only for 4 hours a day leads to the equivalent number of calories burned as if you’d run about 10 marathons in a year.”

When used properly, a standing desk can relieve pressure on your spine, thus alleviating neck and back pain. Even small movements active your muscles and metabolism, and boosts your blood flow giving more oxygen to your brains. It makes you more concentrated (both your waist and your attention).

You shouldn’t be standing all day either. A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to change position: the best position is the next position. So adjust your posture regularly and use a standing desk at your ergonomic height to keep feeling comfortable.

It’s simply hard to fall asleep when standing up – we’re no giraffes…

Benefits of a JASWIG StandUp Desk

If you still need to convince someone, here is a summary listing research articles, media coverage and books about the sitting disease and the benefits of standing desks.