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Jaswig is now Fully

“From our very first conversation, there was an immediate connection. Beyond our alignment in common mission, it was clear we shared common values.” —David

Is being bored a bad thing?

There is a new and growing philosophy that we need to learn to be bored again. At the slightest hint of boredom we seek high and low stimuli. By doing so every day we train our brain.

3 reasons why this is a great investment

We’re all sitting too much. The average European sits around 10 hours a day, and that’s why a standing desk will be your easiest investment this year.

Creating native woodlands in Flanders

Via our 1% for the planet donations to Natuurpunt we are transforming 3 ha of agricultural land into native woodlands.

Which standing desk do I need?

A little standing goes a long way. It increases your body’s muscle strength and flexibility.

5 ways to increase happiness

Happiness has been studied extensively over the centuries. And philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists are making incredible progress.

Jaswig partners up with Fully - Exciting times ahead!

We have big news, we are setting up a partnership with Fully! What does it mean: new standing desks, balance boards, standing mats and more…

Company trip to Iran - Taking a step back once in a while

Our company has been founded on strong personal relationships that go way back. The bond began to strengthen when we started traveling together.

Why we use toxic non-reusable varnish

“We own this company to try and put things into action that all the smart people are saying… Find what we do wrong, implement it and prove to the world that it is good business”. Yvon Chouinard - Patagonia

Research Findings: Standing desks in Classrooms

As impact oriented people, we started a collaboration with our local university from our company’s conception. Our question: do standing desks really have a positive impact on our children’s health and classroom environment?

Meet Jaswig's Intern Kevin

We are very happy to announce that Kevin (the Kev, La Kevz) has joined our team. We have been looking for an intern for quite a while and saw a lot of potential interns but the mighty Kev had it all (although he is quite a slow, he is from Limburg you know…)

Jaswig funds Nature Conservation Project

Like we’ve discussed already in our previous blogpost “1% for the planet”, Jaswig committed to giving away 1% of its revenues to Natuurpunt.

Stand Up for your future.

Bump up your well-being by standing up. A must read for a healthy living.

Work from home? Oh yeah!

Though I’m a passionate office-goer, I find myself being more productive when I work from home.


Would you believe if we told you that happy employees are more productive at work?

1 % for the Planet

Both businesses and individuals have a responsibility towards the planet. So, Jaswig needs to take up its responsibility and put its money where its mouth is!

Case study Digipolis at work

Case study on how Digipolis manages rapid growth with flexible furniture.

Designing a standing desk and why design matters

Objects are designed to solve problems, to fulfill emotional and/or basic necessities.

How not to use your standing desk

Some tips on how NOT to use your desk. The desk is meant to keep you healthy not to harm you :)!

Foundational Content for Jaswig

Highly interesting books, movies and articles

Great books, movies, articles and locations that were extremely important in shaping our thoughts and vision. So important that we couldn’t resist sharing them!

Three ways to boost your work ethic

Tips for work ethic improvement

A big portion of our lives is devoted to work. And work is done in offices. But what is the defenition of “an office” in a time where people are craving for flexibility, health and happiness.

Which stools work well with my standing desk?

Standing all day isn’t good for you either

Our philosophy is that sitting is a luxury, so you should be sitting well. You need to feel comfortable when sitting…

Start standing strong

Standing challenge

You are likely sitting when reading this. Why? Because you were sitting last hour, and were sitting yesterday and the day before. Our lives are dominated by patterns, or to put a human term on it: Habits.

Jaswig Nomad FAQs

What is the size range of the desk and how tall should I be?

The height range of the StandUp Nomad (normal and extra wide version) is 93 – 122 cm. The height can be manually adjusted with 9 increments, each one of approximatly 3.2 cm. No need for pumps or electricity.

Volunteering: improving public spaces & helping our friends with disabilities

According to NPR, “in the US, fewer than one in five disabled adults are employed.” Also Huffington Post is talking about that in their recent article. In our opinion that’s a shame. At Jaswig we work and volunteer with people who have disabilities and they are awesome!

Volunteering: Act like a child when it comes to collaboration

Our world is built on collaboration

People interact with each other to create the world we see around us. Everyone knows that collaborating can be difficult. People speak different languages; have different cultures and goals and the list goes on.

Why should I use a standing desk?

Sitting all day makes you lazy.

How many hours did you sit down yesterday (yes please, do the calculation? You might think you’re an active person, but chances are high you sit down for more than 16 hours a day and are only active for about 2-4 hours.